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How To Say Truly Disgusted in Korean: Popular Slang Words in Korean

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disgusted in korean

In the previous few sessions, we have learned interesting combination words that form specific meaning, creating popular slang words. We don’t only teach you the traditional Korean alphabets and words, but we also teach you the slang words through our Beeline Language Korean blogs websites. 불금, 품절남, 품절녀 and 꿀잼 are good examples of it. Today, you will learn how to say truly disgusted in Korean.



How to say Truly Disgusted in Korean

This is how to say that you are truly disgusted in Korean: 극혐 [geuk hyum]

The word 극 [geuk] comes from a word 극도로 [geuk-do-ro] which means ‘extremely’ and 혐 [hyum] is a short abbreviation from혐오 [hyum-oh], which means ‘hate’ in Korean. Therefore 극혐 can be a abbreviation word that came from 극도로 혐오하다, which means extremely (truly) disgusted (hateful).

Sample Sentences Using Truly Disgusted in Korean

우리가 어제 보았던 영화 완전 극혐해 [woo-ri-ga eo-jae bo-at-deon young-hwa wan-jeon geuk-hyum-hae].

The movie we watched yesterday was truly disgusting.

나는 거짓말 하는 아이를 정말 극혐해. [na-neun geo-jit-mal ha-neun ai-ee-reul jeol-mal geuk-hyum-hae].

I am truly disgusted by the kid who lies.

Other Ways to Say Truly Disgusted in Korean

Although the word 극혐 contains ‘extremely hateful’ message in the word, today’s Korean people use the word to express how much they were disgusted with the situation or a particular thing or an action. Other similar words to express the extreme displeasure is 완전 싫음 [wan-jeon see-reum], which literally means ‘absolute dislike’. However, 극혐 is still more extreme expression of absolute displeasure.

You have learned how to say truly disgusted in Korean, but let’s hope that you don’t have too many occasions to use that expression!

Happy Studying everyone!

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