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Tree in Korean: How To Say Tree in Korean

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tree in korean

Beeline Language Korean is all about learning the Korean language and culture. Something to note about South Korea is that most of the land is covered by mountains. While none of them are too high in altitude to climb, there are plenty of trees surrounding the mountains, making up nice forests near the city. Korean people do love trees, because they even designated one day of the year as a holiday, so everyone could go out and plant a tree. Many people like to go hiking on the weekends, and hiking and climbing the mountains is considered a luxurious leisure activity in Korea. Today, we will learn how to say Tree in Korean.



How to say Tree in Korean

This is how to say Tree in Korean: 나무 [na-moo]

Trees: 나무들 [na-moo-deul]

One Tree: 나무 한그루 [na-moo han-geu-roo]

Note that one tree is written as 한그루, to represent the quantity of the object, tree.

Sample Sentences Using Tree in Korean

식목일은 휴일인데 나무를 심는 날이지 [sik-mok-eel-eun hyoo-eel-in-dae na-moo-reul sim-neun nal-ee-jee]

Planting Tree Day is a holiday, and we plant trees.

Note that in Korea, April 5th of every year is designated as 식목일, which you take the day off from work to plant trees.

나는 산으로 하이킹 가는게 좋은데 왜냐면 나무들이 너무 많아서 공기가 맑거든. [na-neun san-eu-ro hiking-ga-neun-gae jo-eun-dae who-nya-nyeon na-moo-deul-ee neo-moo man-ah-seo gong-gi-ga mark-geo-deun]

I like to go hiking on a mountain, because there are lots of trees so the air is refreshing.

Different Types of Trees Grown in Korea

Korea is known to have tons of mountains. Also, the climate condition that includes four different seasons nourish the land to have variety of types of trees grown in Korea. 은행나무[eun-heng na-moo], 단풍나무 [dan-poong na-moo] or 소나무 [so-na-moo] are some of the famous trees that you could find in Korea.

은행나무 – Ginkgo tree

단풍나무 – Maple Tree

소나무 – Pine Tree

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