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Travel in Korean: How To Say Travel in Korean

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travel in Korean

Beeline Language Korean is all about learning the Korean language and culture. What do you do when you feel like you are trapped in an ordinary routine and need some get away? Yes, you plan a trip and travel to recharge your energy and motivation. You coud visit the beaches or climb the mountains to feel challenged. Today, we will learn how to say travel in Korean.



How to say Travel in Korean

This is how to say Travel in Korean: 여행 [yeo-heng]

travelling : 여행을 가다 [yeo-heng-eu ga-da]

Note that 가다 was used to describe the word 여행, which means you are ‘going’ ‘travel’.

Sample Sentences Using Travel in Korean

이번 여름에는 부산으로 여행 가서 파도랑 같이 놀고싶어. [ee-beon yeo-reum-ae-nuen Busan-eu-ro yeo-heng-ga-seo pa-doh-rang ga-chi nol-go-si-ppo].

This summer, I would like to travel to Busan and play with waves.

런던이랑 파리는 가을에 여행을 하기에 참 좋은 도시들이야. [London-ee-rang Pa-ree-neun ga-eul-eh yeo-heng-eul ha-gee-eh cham-jo-eun do-shi-deul-ee-ya].

London and Paris are very good cities to travel during fall.

Where Do Most Koreans Travel To?

Korean people are very hard-working people, they only take about 5 days of vacation in an entire year, and even then, some are not fully taken. That does not mean Koreans do not like to travel. Most Koreans use their long weekends to plan their trips. The popular destinations include, Japan, Saipan, Guam, Thailand, China and Taiwan. Many youngsters like to go for a backpacking trip to Europe in their 20s, something that they would cherish for lifetime after achieving a milestone.

Now you know how to say travel in Korean, share with friends about your travel plans and ideas!

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