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How to Say She is Taken in Korean

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poom jul nyo

In the previous few session, we have learned interesting combination words that form specific meaning, creating popular slang words. We don’t only teach you the traditional Korean alphabets and words, but we also teach you the slang words through our Beeline Language Korean blogs websites. We have learned what 품절남 meant Korean in the previously, and today, we will learn what poom jul nyo (품절녀) means in Korean.



How to say Poom Jul Nyo in Korean

This is how to say 품절녀: poom jul nyo.

The word 품절 poom jul means ‘sold out’ in Korean. Usually we use 품절 to describe a merchant to be sold out. 녀 nyo is simply describing a lady. Therefore, 품절녀 means sold out woman, or a woman who is already taken and unavailable.

Sample Sentences Using Poom Jul Nyo in Korean

진희는 작년까지는 모태솔로였는데 지금은 품절녀야. [jin-hee-neun jak-nyeon-gga-jee-neun moe-tae-so-lo-yeot-neun-dae ji-geum-eun poom-jul-nyo-ya].

Jinhee has been single all her life up until last year, but she is taken now.

정미 같은 뇌섹녀가 품절녀가 아닌게 더 이상해.[jung-mi-ga-teun noe-seg-nyo-ga poom-jul-nyo-ga a-nin-gae deo- ee-sang-hae].

It is more strange that sexy Brainiac girl like Jungmi is not already taken.

*note that we utilized 뇌섹녀 from the previous lesson to create a sentence.

Other Ways To Say Poom Jul Nyo

As you have seen some examples above, you could say that a woman is taken in more than way. 약혼녀 [yak-hon-nyo] simply means that a woman is engaged to a person and soon to be married. Or simply, you could just say 여자친구 [yeo-ja-chin-goo] to generally say that she is a girlfriend of someone.

You have learned what poom jul nyo means in Korean, go tell your friends what it means.

Happy Studying everyone!

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