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Orange in Korean: How To Say Orange In Korean

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how to say orange in Korean

Beeline Language Korean is all about learning the Korean language and culture. In our previous lessons, we have learned many different colors like 빨강파랑 and 검정. Also, we have covered a lot of words that would be used by young Korean generations today. In the previous lessons, you have learned how to say different colors in Korean. You have learned how to say red, blue and black in Korean. Today, I will teach you how to say Orange in Korean.



Orange: How To Say Orange In Korean

This is how to say Orange in Korean: 주황 [joo-hwang].

*Note that when you are describing a color orange, you would say 주황색 [joo-hwang-sek]

Sample Sentences Using Orange in Korean

주황색은 내가 제일 싫어하는 색깔이야. [joo-hwang-sek-eun nae-ga jae-il joh-ah-ha-neun sek-ggal-ee-ya].

Orange is my least favorite color.

주황색 공으로 치는 테니스는 너무 재미있어. [joo-hwang-sek gong-eu-ro chee-neun tae-nee-sseu-neun neo-moo jam-ee-sseo].

Playing tennis with an orange ball is very exciting!

주황색으로 칠해진 벽을 봐봐, 신기하지 않니? [joo-hwang-sek-eu-ro chil-hae-jin byeok-eul bwa-ba, shin-gi-ha-ji an-ni]?

Look at the wall that is painted in orange, isn’t it impressive?

Other Ways To Say Orange in Korean

As you may have guessed, there are other ways to say orange in Korean. Other than 주황, you could just say 오렌지 [oh-ren-gee], which is essentially just saying the English word orange in Korean. However, when the word orange translates into Korean, it turns into three syllables, so make sure you say it in three separate syllables. Also, some people would call scarlett color as 주홍 [joo-hong], which is similar sounding to 주황.

Now you know how to say orange in Korean, go tell your friends what you have learned today!

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