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Lady in Korean: How To Say Lady in Korean

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lady in Korean

Beeline Language Korean is all about learning the Korean language and culture. In Korean culture, politeness and respect is the key to treat elderly people, so there are different terms of calling people who are older than you. The same sentence can be said in different ways depending on which person you are speaking to. For example, the way you say hello to older people would be different from the way you would say hello to your friends. Today, we will learn how to say lady in Korean, with these rules in our mind.



How to say Lady in Korean

This is how to say Lady in Korean: 숙녀 [sook-nyeo]

Sample Sentences Using Lady in Korean

신사 숙녀 여러분, 이제부터 쇼를 시작 하겠습니다. [shin-sa sook-nyeo yeo-reo-boon, ee-jae-boo-teo show-reul si-jak ha-get-seup-ni-da].

Ladies and gentlemen, the show will begin now.

이 숙녀분에게 자리를 안내해 주세요. [ee-sook-nyeo-boon-ae-gae ja-ri-reul an-nae-hae joo-se-yo].

Please guide this lady to her seat.

Other Ways to say Lady in Korean

Korea is known to have many different words for one meaning. How to say lady in Korean is no exception to the rule. Many people would say 아가씨 [ah-ga-ssi] is also acceptable term for a lady in Korean. However, when you are trying to say ‘ladies and gentlemen’ in Korean, you must say 신사 숙녀 여러분.

Some may say마님 [ma-nim] is appropriate to substitute for lady in Korean but this is more for ‘madam’ in Korean. 마님 is usually used to call the wife of the ruler of the house in a traditional Korean household. Similarly, if you are calling a lady who is a bit older, you could call them 부인 [boo-in], which could be translated into ‘ma’am’ in Korean.

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