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I’m Fine/It’s Okay in Korean: How To Say I’m Fine/ It’s Okay in Korean

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I'm fine in Korean

Beeline Language Korean is all about learning the Korean language and culture. You recently learned about many different slang in Korean like 극혐. Did you know that some of the phrases in Korean are the same but have different meanings just depending on the annotation and where to have the accent? Today, you will learn about how to say I’m fine/it’s okay in Korean, and we will investigate this more closely.



How to say I’m Fine/It’s Okay in Korean

This is how to say I am Fine/It’s Okay in Korean: 괜찮아 [gwen chang ah]

Note that you must put ‘yo’ at the end to people who are older than you or whom you are not too familiar with, to make sure you are being respectful and polite

Sample Sentences Using I’m Fine/It’s Okay in Korean

어제는 기분이 조금 나빴는데, 지금은 괜찮아. [eo-jae-neun gee-boon-ee jo-geum na-bbat-neun-dae ji-geum-eun gwen-chan-ah].

I was feeling a little bad last yesterday, but I am fine now.

진수가 많이 아팠는데 지금은 괜찮아졌데. [jin-soo-ga man-ee a-pat-neun-dae ji-geum-eun gwen-chan-ah-jeot-dae].

Jinsoo was very sick but he has gotten better now.

Note that 괜찮아졌데 was used for ‘gotten better’ to show the same meaning.

When the Same Phrase Becomes Something Different

When I mentioned earlier that same exact phrase could show totally different meaning, I mentioned it because 괜찮아 can be one of the examples. When you say 괜찮아, in a response to someone else asking you whether you are fine or not, this will just mean plain ‘I am okay/I am fine’. However, if you put a question mark at the end and put a different annotation to it, ‘괜찮아?’ becomes a question, ‘(Are you) Okay?’

Now you know how to say I’m fine/It’s okay in Korean, you could share what you have learned with your friends!

Happy Studying everyone!

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