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how to say I love you in Korean

The special words ‘I love you’ is a phrase that most people want to know how to say when learning a new language. If you are fan of K-Pop or K-Drama, you are already likely familiar with hearing these words; in case you are not, today we’ll show you how to say I love you in Korean and how this phrase changes when speaking to different people.


How to Say I love you in Korean

Here is how to say I love you in Korean: 사랑해요 [sa-rang-hae-yo].  Notice here that we use ‘요’ [yo] at the end of the sentence to indicate we are using the ‘formal’ way of speaking in Korean (more on this below).

사랑해요 [sa-rang-hae-yo]

사랑해요 [sa-rang-hae-yo]

Sample Sentences:

I love you in Korean in the Informal Way

Koreans use the word 여보 [yo-bo] to refer to their loved one (usually for their husband or wife but sometimes for a girlfriend or boyfriend who are essentially pretending to be married) which means ‘honey’ or ‘darling’. Here is a sample sentence:

사랑해, 여보 [sa-rang-hae, yo-bo]

“I love you, honey (darling)!”

OR you can say it backwards and it will mean the exact same thing:

여보 사랑해 [yo-bo, sa-rang-hae]

“Honey (darling), I love you!”

I Love You in Korean in the Formal Way 

When you think about it, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to say I love you to someone who you want to be formal with, does it? However, when you say I love you in Korean, you might be saying this to your grandmother or grandfather as an example; in this situation, you want to show respect while saying these nice words due to their age/status in the family.

사랑해요, 할아버지 [sa-rang-hae-yo-hal-abeoji]

“I love you, Grandpa!”

사랑해요,할머니 [[sa-rang-hae-yo-har-moni]

“I love you, Grandma!”

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Now that you know how to say I  love you in Korean, start saying this to your boyfriend, girlfriend, parents or grandparents!

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