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Grandmother in Korea: How To Say Grandmother in Korean

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grandmother in korean

Koreans are very family-oriented people. Their culture is built upon Confucianism roots and paying respect to your elderly family member is crucial. When you speak with an elderly family member, you must speak and polite and respectful manner, and elderly members are responsible for younger family members’ general well-being. They are often living in the parents’ house until they are married. In the previous lesson, we have learned how to say grandfather in Korean. Today, we will continue learning about the family member, and you will learn how to say grandmother in Korean.



How to say Grandmother in Korean

This is how to say grandmother in Korean.

할머니 [hal-muh-knee]

Remember that the former way of calling a mother in Korean is 어머니 [uh-muh-knee] so Grandmother is similar to mother in Korean.

Sample Sentences Using Grandmother in Korean

내일은 우리 할머니의 생신이야. . [nae-il-eun woo-ri hal-muh-knee-eui saeng-shin-ee-ya]

Tomorrow is my grandmother’s birthday.

할머니랑 6시에 영화를 보기로 약속했어. [hal-muh-knee-rang yeo-sut-shi-eh young-hwa-reul bo-ghee-ro yak-sok-hat-sseo]

I promised my grandmother that I would watch a movie with her at 6 O’clock.

How To Distinguish Paternal and Maternal Grandmother

In Korean, we call the maternal grandmother and paternal grandmother differently. Paternal grandfather is called 친할머니[chin-hal-muh-knee], where maternal grandfather is called 외할머니 [wae-hal-muh-knee]. Just like 외할아버지 and 친할아버지, more than often, people are calling the maternal grandmother as 외할머니, but refers to paternal grandmother as just 할머니, instead of 친할머니.

You have learned how to say grandmother in Korean, call your 할머니 and tell him what you have learned today!

Happy Studying everyone!

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