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Grandfather in Korea: How To Say Grandfather in Korean

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grandfather in korean

Previously, we have learned how to say Brother in Korean and Sister in Korean. Also, you know how to say 엄마 [umma] and 아빠 [abba] from our Beeline Language Korean curriculum. Do you know how to call your grandparents in Korean? Well, don’t worry, I will teach you. Today, we will start it by learning how to say grandfather in Korean.




How to say Grandfather in Korean

This is how to say grandfather in Korean.

할아버지 [hal-ah-buh-jee]

Remember that father in Korean is 아버지 [ah-buh-jee] so Grandfather is similar to father in Korean.

Sample Sentences Using Grandfather in Korean

우리 할아버지는 내가 네살때 돌아가셨어. [woo-ri hal-ah-buh-jee-neun nae-ga neh-sal-ddae dol-ah-ga-shut-sseo]

My grandfather passed away when I was four years old.

할아버지는 내가 이 세상에서 제일 좋아하는 사람이야. [hal-ah-buh-jee-neun nae-ga ee-sae-sang-eh-seo jae-il jo-ah-ha-neun sa-ram-ee-ya].

Grandfather is my favorite person in the world.

Note that 제일 좋아하는 was used to describe the ‘favorite’.

How To Distinguish Paternal and Maternal Grandfather

In Korean, we call the maternal grandfather and paternal grandfather differently. Paternal grandfather in Korean is called 친할아버지[chin-hal-ah-buh-jee], where maternal grandfather is called 외할아버지 [woe-hal-ah-buh-jee]. More than often, people are calling the maternal grandfather as 외할아버지, but refers to paternal grandfather as just 할아버지, instead of 친할아버지.

You have learned how to say grandfather in Korean, call you 할아버지 and tell him what you have learned today!

Happy Studying everyone!

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