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Day in Korean: How To Say Day in Korean

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day in korean

Beeline Language Korean is all about learning the Korean language and culture. In our previous lessons, we have learned many different slangs like 밀당, 모태솔로 and 극혐. Also, to accommodate the season, we have learned how to say summer in Korean before. What do you like the most about the summer? Going camping with your family? Swimming with your loved ones? A long rest on a beautiful sunny day on a sand beach? To do that, you got to have a beautiful daylight in the day time. Today, we will learn how to say day in Korean.



How to say Day in Korean

This is how to say daytime in Korean: 낮[naj]

Sample Sentences Using Day in Korean

저는 낮보다는 밤이 훨씬 좋아요. [jeo-neun nat-bo-da-neun bam-ee hwol-ssin jo-ah-yo].

I like nights much better than the day.

내일 낮에 같이 쇼핑하러 가자. [nae-il naj-eh ga-chi show-ping-ha-reo ga-ja].

Let’s go shopping tomorrow during the day.

여름엔 낮이 길어지는거 같고 겨울에는 밤이 길어지는거 같애. [yeo-reum-en nah-ji gil-eo-ji-neun-geo gat-goh gyeo-wool-eh-neun bam-ee gil-eo-ji-neun-geo ga-tae].

During the summer, we have longer days, and in winter, we have longer nights.

Other Ways to say Day in Korean

Korea is known to have many different words for one meaning. Other ways to say day in Korean are: 하루 [ha-ru] meaning the whole day. A general way to say ‘day’ is ‘일’ [il] but this represents more of the day as a whole. 당일 [dang-il], which means ‘that day’ as a whole. Also, some people would say 금일 [geum-il] to represent ‘today’.

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