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Black in Korean: How To Say Black in Korean

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how to say black in Korean

Beeline Language Korean is all about learning the Korean language and culture. In our previous lessons, we have learned many different slangs like 멘붕, 아이돌 and 노잼. Also, we have covered a lot of words that would be used by young Korean generations today. Remember the Korean flag that I have mentioned in our earlier lesson? The Korean flag is consisting of three colors in a white background. Red, Blue and Black. Previously, we learned about how to say red in Korean. Also in our last lesson, we covered how to say blue in Korean as well.  Well, as you may have guessed, we will be learning how to say Black in Korean.



How to say Black in Korean

This is how to say black in Korean: 검정 [geom-jung] or 흑 [heuk]

*Note that when the word 검정 is describing another object or noun, then the word slightly changes to 검은 [geom-eun]. E.g. 검은[geom-eun-sek] Black Color. Also, 검정[geom-jung-sek] is still acceptable.

Sample Sentences Using Black in Korean

내 생각엔 검은색 옷이 너랑 잘 어울리는거 같애 [nae seng-gak-en geom-eun-sek oat-si neu-rang jal eo-wool-li-neun-geo ga-tte].

I think blue colored clothing fits you well.

장례식장 에서는 검은색 양복을 입는것이 예의야. [jang-rye-shik-jang ae-seo-neun geom-eun-sek yang-bok-eul ip-neun-geot-ee ye-eui-ya].

It is appropriate to wear a black suit at the funerals.


Other Ways to Call Black in Korean

There are more than one ways to say black in Korean. Thus far, you have learned how to say 검정, 검은 and 흑, but you could also say 까만색 [gga-man-sek] to describe black colors. For example, 까만 안경, [gga-man an-gyung] means black glasses in Korean.

Now you know how to say Black in Korean, go study how to say more colors in Korean!

Happy Studying!

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