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Aunt in Korean: How To Say Aunt in Korean

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aunt in Korean

As we have previously learned, Koreans are very family-oriented people. In the last lesson, we have learned how to say uncle in Korean. Also, we have learned sample sentence containing the word. Today, we will continue with learning about the family members. You will learn how to say aunt in Korean. There is more than one way to call aunt in Korean, depending on which aunt you are referring to.



How to say Aunt in Korean

There are couple of ways to say aunt in Korean, depending on which aunt you are calling for. If you are calling for maternal aunt, or your mother’s sister, you would say 이모, [yee-moh]. However, if you are to call your father’s sister, you would say, 고모 [goh-moh].

Sample Sentences Using Aunt in Korean

나는 큰고모랑 작은고모랑 같이 음악회를 보러 갔어. [na-neun kun-goh-moh-rang jak-eun-goh-moh-rang ga-chi eum-ak-hoe-reul bo-reo ga-sseo].

I went to see a concert with my older and younger aunts.

이모가 맛있는 저녁을 사주셔서 나는 너무 기뻤어요. [yee-moh-ga ma-sit-neun jeo-nyeok-eul sa-joo-sheo-suh na-neun nuh-moo gi-bbeot-sseo-yo].

I was so happy that my aunt bought me a delicious dinner.

Other Ways to Call Aunt in Korean

Thus far, you have learned how to call your mother’s sister, and also how to call your father’s sister. Now, how would you call your 삼촌 (father’s brother)’s wife? You call them 숙모 [suk-mo]. How about your 외삼촌(mother’s brother)’s wife? 외숙모 [wae-suk-mo].

You have learned how to say aunt in many different ways in Korean, call your 이모 or 고모 and tell him what you have learned today!

Happy Studying everyone!

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