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An Expert in Korean : How To Say an Expert in Korean

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expert in korean

Beeline Language Korean is all about learning the Korean language and culture. Korea has many East Asian traditional cultures that is combined with modern western influence. Also, I have been teaching you some slang words like how to say 모태솔로 and 품절남. Today, I will teach you how to say an expert in Korean.



How to say an Expert in Korean

There are couple of ways to call an expert in Korean. One way to call an expert in a job or in a professional field, we call them 전문가 [jeon-moon-ga]. In friendly settings, when you describe an expert in a game or sport, you would say 고수 [go-soo].

Sample Sentences Using an Expert in Korean

진수는 게임의 고수인데 경험치가 만렙이야. [jin-soo-neun gah-emm-eui go-soo-een-dae gyeong-heom-chee-gah man-lap-ee-yah].

Jinsoo is an expert at games and his experience is out of this world.

상담을 원하시면 전문가에게 상담을 요청하시면 됩니다. [sang-dam-eul won-ha-shee-myeon jeon-moon-ga-eh-gae sang-dam-eul yo-cheong ha-shi-myeon deop-ni-da].

If you would like a counseling service, you can request it to the specialist.

Other Ways to Say an Expert in Korean

As you have seen in the video, there are more than one way of saying expert in Korean. Other than 전문가 and 고수, some people will say 베테랑 [be-the-rang] which is literally from an English word Veteran. Also some might say 만랩 [man lap] to describe an expert at online games.

Now you know various ways of saying an expert in Korean, go ahead and tell all your friends about who the real 고수 is.

Happy Studying everyone!

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