Korean Words

How to Learn Korean Words…and Start Using Them!

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how to learn Korean words

Why would you learn Korean words and not use them? Don’t just study random Korean words and think that you are learning Korean…if you don’t use them, you simply won’t remember them. Instead, you need to know how to learn Korean words.

Think of all of the math that you studied in school all of those years. There was likely a time when you could do equations in your head instead of picking up a calculator – or these days, picking up your phone that already has a calculator! If you don’t use it, you lose it.

This is no different from Korean words: once you learn these words, you need to use them.

One great way to learn words and phrases is through visualization, where you take a look at a picture and remember the word associated with that picture. Look at today’s picture closely while you practice saying “I’m listening to music” in Korean.

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