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How to ask How Much is This in Korean

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When you learn Korean you need to speak Korean as often as you can. When just getting started, people tend to be shy about conversing in Korean, as they are not confident in their Korean language skills quite yet. Don’t be shy!¬†Get started with learning how to ask how much is this in Korean¬†so you can go out shopping all while practicing your Korean skills!

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Watch this video, taken from our Beginner Level “Shopping At The Store” lesson to learn how to ask how much is this in Korean.

A great way to gain some confidence when you learn Korean is to go out and interact with Koreans working at shops or restaurants, as the conversations are usually kept short. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and will give you motivation to study harder.

When shopping at a store, the number one question that you need to know is how to ask how much is this in Korean. Now that you know how to ask this question in Korean, you also need to understand what the response to this question is.

Not to worry though, in all of our lessons, we have dialogues where you can will learn Korean that you need to know to ask the question but we will also teach you what the answer is. There’s not really a point in learning how to ask a question in Korean if you’re not going to understand the answer, is there?

So get out there, even if you are not living and teaching English in Korea, you can still find opportunities to go out and start speaking Korean. In some larger cities, you will find a Korea town where you can practice. If you don’t have a Korea town close to you, there is likely a Korean grocery store; failing that, you will likely have a Korean restaurant in your town.

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