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How To Say Hope in Korean

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There are some words in Korean that you will need in order to talk about your feelings or your future aspirations. In this case, you would be speaking in the future tense. Speaking about the future is a bit more advanced but is something that you’ll need to slowly learn as you study more. So, today you will learn how to say hope in Korean.

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How To Say Hope In Korean

This is how to say hope in Korean: 기대 [gi-dae]

hope in Korean

Sample Sentences Using Hope In Korean

무언가에 대한 기대를 져버리면 실망도 큰법이다. [moo-eon-ga-ae dae-han gi-dae-reul jyeo-beo-ryi-myeon sil-mang-do keun-beob-ee-da].

When you lose hope on something, the disappointment is out to be great.

Note that 실망 [sil-mang] is disappointment in Korean

너무 큰 기대를 하지는 마, 아마도 안될꺼 같애. [neo-moo keun-gi-dae-reul ha-ji-neun ma. Ah-mah-do ahn-doel-ggeo ga-tte].

Please do not have too much hope in it, it may not work out.

hope in Korean

How to say ‘I Hope’ in Korean

As the word order in the Korean language is different, you would say the main word first, then add  ‘으면’ after removing ‘다’ of that verb.

Then you would add ‘좋겠어요’ at the end of the sentence.

Remember that in Korean you often do not refer to yourself as ‘I’, as that is assumed. You must also not call someone ‘you’, ‘너’, as it is impolite especially if you are speaking to someone who is older than you!! This is a HUGE no no in Korean culture!

However, if you ever made this mistake as an English speaker speaking Korean, the person would understand you weren’t intentionally trying to insult them and would forgive you. 🙂

Other Similar Words To Hope in Korean

Another popular word would be 희망 [heui-mang].

Many people would also say ‘wish’ in Korean is very similar to hope in Korean. 소망 [so-mang] or 소원 [so-won] is considered a good word for wish in Korean.  If someone says 희망, instead of 기대, don’t be alarmed.

Happy Studying!