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‘Good’ in Korean: How to Say Good in Korean

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How to say good in Korean

When we learn Korean, it is important learn how to express our feelings in Korean. For example, if someone asks you, why you are taking lessons to learn Korean, you may say that you are learning Korean because you like it! With that in mind, let me teach you how to say good in Korean.


How to Say Good in Korean

Here is how to say good in Korean: 좋아요 [jo-ah-yo] [jo-ah] means ‘good’ and [yo] is added at the end to make the word formal.

좋은[jo ah yo] is a very practical word in the Korean language, and it also can be used to express that you are in an agreeable term with the proposal of the opposite party. In easy terms, you can use 좋아요 [jo-ah-yo] when you agree with someone’s plan to do some activities together.

For example, if someone asks you to go for a cup of coffee, 좋아요 [jo-ah-yo] would be a perfect response.

Sample Sentences Using Good in Korean

나는 한국이 좋아요  [na-nun hanguk-ee jo-ah-yo]

I like Korea

비가 올땐 노란색 우산이 좋아요 [beega – ol-dden – noran-sek woosan-ee jo-ah-yo]

The yellow umbrella is a good one to use when it rains.

Saying good in Korean in various situations can enhance your Korean speaking skills. Want to practice some more? 좋아요! Good!

Good in Korean in the Informal Way 

In our Beeline lessons,  you will learn more in depth about how to speak Korean and will learn various ways to use ‘good’ in specific situations you will find yourself in.

If you are speaking with your friends, you may exclude ‘yo’ at the end. For example,

현지아 난 니가 좋아  [hyunji-ya nan-nee-ga – jo-ah]

Hyunji, I like you.

Now that you know how to say good in Korean, start using this Korean phrases every day with your friends and family, telling them how much you like them!

Remember, it is okay to make mistakes when learning Korean, so try to speak Korean as much as you can with your friends, where you might not be as shy. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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