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‘Have a Great Lunch’ in Korean: How to Say Enjoy Your Lunch in Korean

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have a great lunch in korean

Many of you start learning the Korean language because there is something or someone that has introduced you to the Korean culture. We all know that learning a new language is not easy, but one step at a time, and you will be surprised by how much you already know. We have learned quite a bit of Korean words like 솔까말, 멘붕 and 뇌섹녀. In this lesson, we will learn How to say ‘Have a great lunch’ in Korean.



How to Say ‘Have a Great Lunch’ in Korean

Here is how to say ‘Have a great lunch’ in Korean: 점심 맛있게 드세요. [jum-shim mat-it-gae deu-se-yo].

Please note that lunch is called 점심 in Korean. 맛있게 is ‘tastefully’ and 드세요 means ‘eat’. Therefore, when you combine the words, you get a phrase saying ‘Have a great lunch’ in Korean.

Sample Sentences Using ‘Have a Great Lunch’ in Korean

현진아 점심 맛있게 먹어  [Hyun-jin-ah jum-shim mat-it-gae muk-eo]

Hyunjin, have a great lunch!

김 선생님, 점심식사 맛있게 드십시오.  [Kim sun-seng-nim, jum-shim-shin-sa mat-it-gae deu-ship-si-o]

Teacher Kim, Have a great lunch.

*Note here that 먹어 has changed to 드십시오, which is a respectful way of saying have a good meal in Korean.

Other Ways to Say ‘Have a Great Lunch in Korean

By now, you must be aware that many younger generations in Korea are combining the traditional Korean words and come up with a new formulated slang that is easier for them to use. ‘Have a Great Lunch’ is another good example of that. Since many Koreans felt that 점심 맛있게 먹어 was too long, they simply shortened it and say ‘맛점 하세요’ [ma’at jum ha sae yo].  Now, 맛 means taste and 점 is from 점심, which is lunch in Korean.  You already know that 하세요 is a respectful way of saying ‘please do’. Therefore, the phrase 맛점하세요 means ‘have a tasteful lunch meal’.

Now that you know how to say ‘have a great lunch’ in Korean in more than one way, please tell your friends what 맛점 means!

Happy Studying!

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