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‘Easy’ in Korean: How to Say Easy in Korean

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easy in Korean

When you started to learn Korean, how did you feel at first? Did you find it challenging? Difficult? Or easy? Learning a new language like Korean can be difficult but it can also be exciting and interesting! The more you practice the speaking Korean, the easier it will become for you. Today, we will learn how to say easy in Korean, so you can tell your friends just how easy learning Korean is!


How to Say Easy in Korean

Here is how to say easy in Korean: 쉬워요 [She-wa-yo]

You can use the word 쉬워요 in its adjective form 쉬운 [She-woon], and add it to the noun to create a word.

쉬운 숙제 [She-woon Sook-jae]  can be translated into ‘Easy homework’ (Note that Sook-Jae means homework)

You can also rearrange the sentence, so that easy can be used as adverb.

숙제가 쉬워요 [Sook-jae ga She-wa-yo] which can be translated as ‘The homework is easy’

Sample Sentences Using Easy in Korean

나래씨 영어공부 쉬워요?  [Narae-Ssi, young-uh-gong-boo She-wa-yo?]

“Narae, is studying English easy?”

정희씨, 이 전화번호는 외우기 너무 쉬워요 [Junghee-ssi, Ee Junhwa-bunho-nun wewoogee neh-moo she-wa-yo]

“Junghee, this phone number is very easy to memorize”

Note here that I added ‘neh-moo’ which is an adverb. It’s direct translation is ‘very’. Try adding any adverbs that you may already know in Korean to mix and match the words to enhance your learning skills.

Easy in Korean in the Informal Way 

As we have mentioned previously, it is important to address the person in formal way of speaking to show the respect towards the other party. Therefore, you will see many phrases have ‘yo’ attached at the end, which usually helps reforming the word into a formal form of the word.

Easy in Korean can be spoken as ‘쉬워’ [She-wa] in the informal way of speaking. However, refrain from using this form to anyone other than your friends that you know very well, since this form can be perceived as rude to someone who does not know you very well.

Now that you know how to say easy in Korean, go tell all your friends how easy it is to learn the Korean language!

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