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Always Been Single in Korean: How To Use Korean Slang

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single in korean

As we have previously mentioned, Beeline Korean will get you to have the necessary skills to survive in Korea as a Non-native Korean speaker. We previously covered slang words like 꿀잼 and 노잼. Also, in the last session, you have learned how to say To Be Frankly Honest in Korean. In continuum to learning more slang words in Korean, we will learn how to say Always Been Single in Korean.



How to say Always Been Single in Korean

This is how to say it in a slang way, 모태솔로 [moe-tae so-lo]

모태 comes from the word ‘since birth from a mother’ and 솔로 basically means single. Therefore, 모태솔로 is a combination word of been single since the birth from the mother.

Sample Sentences Using Always Been Single in Korean

미진이는 모태솔로였는데 태수랑 작년부터 사귀었어. [mi-jin-ee-eun mo-tae so-lo yeot-neun-dae Tae-Soo-rang jak-nyeon-boo-teo sa-gui-eot-sseo].

Mijin has always been single, until she started dating Taesoo last year.

솔직히 까놓고 말해서 나는 모태솔로야. [sol-jik-hee gga-knot-go mal-hae-seo na-neun moe-tae so-lo-ya.]

To be frankly honest, I have always been single.

Note that we were utilizing the slang word we learned in the previous session to come up with a sentence.

Other Similar Words in Korean

There are other words that are similar to 모태솔로.

We have already learned about 싱글족 before, the group of people who volunteer to stay single and enjoy their fabulous life style alone. Also there is 평생솔로 [pyeong-seng so-lo], which literally means forever alone in Korean.

You have learned how to say 모태솔로, find out any 모태솔로 friends you have and let them know what this means in Korean.

Happy Studying everyone!

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