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 I didn’t think it was possible to speak Korean so quickly… 

I found Beeline Language to be the most efficient way to learn Korean. I have tried other methods in the past but never felt like I was able to make real progress. With Beeline, the lessons are well laid out so that you learn step by step. Other Korean language programs teach the honorific form (reflecting on the speaker’s relationship to the subject) which is almost never used in real life… Beeline has made me more confident in interactions with people. 

I love that the teacher explains things in full at the beginning of each lesson, and repeats content making it easier to recall. There’s no guesswork, PLUS I learn about Korean culture too.

 My job has me traveling to Korea every 3 months, so I needed to learn the basics of the language in order to engage in conversations with our vendors in Korea. I have taken in-class courses and have tried other language programs such as Rosetta Stone, but nothing seemed to stick. With the situated learning method, the expressions and the vocabulary builder, I was able to start speaking to my vendors who were overly impressed.

The first level taught me enough Korean to go to Korea town and order food and engage in small talk with a Korean native.

I love K-Pop and Korean dramas, but could never understand what was being said without the subtitles. I am in my second month of studying through Beeline Language and am now able to not only understand a ton of new words, but also the nuances of the language which the teacher explains in the lessons.

I just signed a contract to teach English in Korea so I wanted to get a head start on the language before I went there. In a matter of 3 lessons, I was already finding myself repeating new words and sentences that I learned. I thought Korean was going to be a lot harder.

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