If you want to learn Korean, you’ve come to the right place. Our video teaching series is designed to get you speaking quickly.

bee·line | the most direct route

Situated learning

Learn what you need to know for situations that you will find yourself in. We teach you the relevant language to allow you to start communicating with others so that you can order a meal, check into a hotel or make plans with friends.

On every device…

Take our virtual classroom with you wherever you go. Watch on your laptop, tablet or on your Smartphone. Study at your own pace, in any place. Learn Korean in the comfort of your home or take advantage of that downtime on your commute to work.

Spaced repetition

You’ll learn new material—and revisit some you’ve already covered—at just the right intervals to make sure you remember it all. We have carefully mapped out our lessons so that you will continually build on what you are learning, step by step.

You’re all grown up!

Instead of guessing through flip cards in a language you don’t yet understand, we give you a clear explanation in English and provide you with strategies and tips to make sure you start retaining what you learn. You’re not a child, so we don’t expect you to learn like one.

Learning made fun

Learning a new language should be fun! We include culture, interesting words, idioms and expressions through our Expression & Grammar and Vocabulary Builder videos.

Stay motivated.

Our teachers are serious about your learning. While learning a new language can be challenging, they will guide and motivate you through the process so that you can achieve your goal.

Be cultural

Language is built on culture, so learning the culture is learning the language. Our lessons include cultural facts and tips so that you understand why certain words and expressions are used, to give you a better overall understanding.

Start today!

From the very first lesson, our focus is to get you speaking Korean. Communicating in your new language is what you want to achieve and we get you there.

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