Yes, You Need to Speak Korean to Teach English in Korea!

For many college graduates, teaching English in Korea is the perfect way to travel, make money and experience a new culture all at the same time. And while there is a lot to prepare for the journey – such as finding a school and obtaining your working visa – most people forget to ask one very important question before departing for Korea, and that is: Do I need to speak Korean to teach in Korea? 

how to speak korean

The answer to this question is YES! Yes, you absolutely need to be able to speak at least some Korean when you are planning to live and teach English in Korea for a year or more.

You’ve come to the right place

Beeline Korean was co-founded by an English teacher who spent 5 years living and teaching in Korea. The sole purpose of the Beeline program is to teach you how to speak enough Korean so you can communicate in everyday situations you will find yourself in.

Think of how much easier life in Korea will be when you know how to: order a meal or a beer at a restaurant; tell your taxi driver to go left or right; tell a Korean boy he’s handsome; say ‘two tickets to Busan’ at the train station.

You don’t need to be ‘into languages’. You don’t even need to be motivated! You just need to learn some basic Korean…and we promise you will enjoy your time in Korea so, so much more.

And the best part? There’s no homework involved! Just watch the video lessons and you’ll be on your way!

speak korean to teach in korea


Here are things you will miss out on if you don’t know any Korean:

  1. Korean cuisine: Unless you only go to restaurants that have pictures on the menu, you will be missing out on exploring one of the best cuisines in the entire world.
  2. Traveling around Korea: You won’t get far if you don’t know how to buy a train ticket or ask for directions.
  3. The ability to buying anything: Asking in English, “Do you have any…” will result in you NOT finding what you are looking for. Every. Single. Time.
  4. Dating Korean women or men: Want to know how to scare off a Korean girl? Go speak to her using only English!
  5. Knowing what is being said to you: Do you want to spend your year nodding your head in confusion every time someone says anything in Korean to you? No. No, you don’t.
  6. A connection to Korean co-workers or locals: By not trying to learn any Korean whilst in Korea, you are closing so many doors to relationships you could have had, as you just won’t make that connection.
  7. An understanding of the Korean culture: Once you understand the Korean culture, everything will make more sense to you and life will be much less confusing and frustrating.


The Beeline Program focuses on teaching conversational Korean throughout our video lessons, while teaching you the ins and outs of the Korean culture. 


Beginner Korean

Learn conversational Korean in this beginner language series.

Start speaking in the first video lesson. Level 1 videos teach you the basics in Korean conversational skills that you can use in everyday life. Learn how to meet and greet someone, order at a restaurant, book a hotel room, take a taxi, go shopping, make plans with friends and more.

48 Video Lessons


Reading & Writing Korean

Learn how to read and write Hangul in a matter of hours!

This video series will teach you how to read and write Hangul, the native alphabet of the Korean language. Your teacher, Jin, will teach you step by step – it’s easier than you might think!

12 Video Lessons & Worksheets


Intermediate Korean

Expand your Korean speaking skills in this intermediate language series.

Level 2 videos teach additional conversational skills, such as how to make plans with friends, talk about your desires and needs, arrange travel reservations, engage in deeper conversations, share personal opinions, talk about your past, and make future plans. Go deep into your Korean language learning and find yourself speaking at an advanced level.

48 Video Lessons

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