HangulReading and Writing Korean

Korean Alphabet: Hangul Basic Vowels 아, 어, 오 and 우

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When you learn the Korean alphabet, you are giving yourself a great head start to learning how to speak Korean. Since Korean has a phonetic alphabet, each symbol – either a consonant or a vowel – can be sounded out only one way. For this reason, it is far better to learn how to read and write Hangul when starting to learn how to speak Korean. Your listening skills will improve greatly and your overall pronunciation will be far more accurate.

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Take a look at this video from our Hangul Level, where you will learn how to read and write the four vowels 아 어 오 and 우.

Our online Korean language course is designed to first teach how to speak Korean in the first or Beginner Level, which is follow by our Hangul (Korean alphabet) Level. As we want you to speak Korean first and foremost, we use Romanization of Korean words in the Beginner Level, but if you decide that you want to learn Hangul first,  you can jump right into the Hangul Level.

Whether you are learning Korean as an individual – perhaps because you are living and teaching English in Korean; as a traveler who is on their way to Korea; or as a businessperson, you must learn the Korean alphabet as it will greatly improve your Korean pronunciation. Once you are able to start reading and writing in Korean, you will understand the difference this will make on your overall Korean – not only with how you speak, but also how you start to hear words when you are spoken to in Korean.

So what are you waiting for? Learn the Korean alphabet – Hangul – through our Hangul video series. You will certainly start to see the benefits to your knowledge of Korean. Get started now!