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How does Beeline compare to other language learning programs?

Beeline Language uses a variety of methods to get you speaking in Korean from the very first video lesson. Traditional methods of language learning focus on grammar and vocabulary first, causing the learner to lose interest. Beeline Language focuses on everyday situations so you can start conversing with others, using spaced repetition and  mnemonics to assist in memory retention.

Who are Beeline Korean courses designed for?

While Beeline is designed for everyone, we recommend for students over the age of 13. Lesson content suits those interested in the Korean language, travel to Korea for pleasure or business purposes.

What language are lessons taught in?

All courses are taught in English currently.

Is grammar and vocabulary part of the program?

While we do not start with teaching vocabulary or grammar in our main lessons, a set of Grammar & Expression and Vocabulary Builder videos are provided. These components will teach you the words, phrases, slang and grammatical rules that you need to know for a complete understanding of the language.

When will I be charged for a subscription?

For the 1 month plan, you will be charged $12.95 upon sign up and then again each month; for the 3 month plan,  you will be charged $26.85 upon sign up and then every 3 months; for the 6 month plan, you will be charged $44.70 upon sign up and then every 6 months; for the 12 month plan, you will be charged upon sign up and then every 12 months (you will be sent an email before the 12 months is finished informing you of this). The recurring payments will be charged automatically until you decide to cancel.

How can I cancel a subscription?

It’s easy to change or cancel your subscription. Simply, edit your renewal settings in your account subscription details in the top right corner when logged into your account.

When do I need to cancel?

As Beeline subscriptions are automatically renewed, it’s important to cancel BEFORE the date when a payment is due. You can cancel any time from the date of the purchase to one day before the next renewal. For the 12 month  plan, you will be sent an email informing you that your credit card will be charged again 5 days before the 12 month period is up.

If I cancel, when will my access to the course material expire?

You will continue to have access to your courses until the period already paid for expires.

What do I need to use Beeline?

You will require any device equipped with an internet browser, and internet access. It is not necessary to install any special software to use beelinelanguage.com – everything runs directly in your internet browser.

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